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A Root Canal Is the Solution for Your Discomfort

Tooth pain is almost always associated with an underlying infection or inflammation in the area. Sometimes the reason for your discomfort is a cavity or because you grind your teeth, but a chronic toothache can be a sign that more serious issues are harboring below the surface. If infection is the problem, your tooth may need a root canal, a virtually pain-free procedure, thanks to sedation dentistry and modern dental techniques. Root canal therapy is a routine treatment at our office, completed by our experienced and gentle team, used to bring back the health and strength of your tooth. If you have chronic tooth pain, a root canal may be the solution to your discomfort!

The Importance of Root Canal Therapy

What many patients fail to realize is that chronic tooth pain rarely goes away on its own, and can only be remedied with restorative care like root canal therapy. If a toothache is due to infection, it will only cause further damage to the tooth, and can even spread around the mouth and through the bloodstream. If serious enough, the infection can cause the tooth pulp to die, leaving the tooth at a greater risk for falling out or needing an extraction. One of the greatest benefits of root canal therapy is that we can effectively treat this infection and halt your chronic pain, ultimately saving your tooth and restoring its full health!

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy vs. Tooth Extraction:
• Retains a healthy and natural smile
• Restores painless biting and chewing
• Improves tooth strength and durability
• Prevents costly dental work in the future
• Eliminates jaw bone loss after extraction

Our Root Canal Process

root canal illustration
Example of a Root Canal Procedure

Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to root canal therapy. Our goal is to eliminate your tooth pain and make your root canal process as pain-free as possible, both physically and emotionally. Once your tooth is fully numbed, we remove the top portion of your tooth enamel. This gives us access to the tooth roots where the infection is located. This area is thoroughly cleared of bacteria and sanitized before being filled with a hardening material called gutta-percha. We seal off the top of the tooth and then cap it with a custom dental crown. Once root canal treatment is complete, your tooth will look attractive, be strong and healthy, and function normally without any pain.

Save my tooth from extraction.

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