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Modern Dentures Customized for Function and Comfort

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Comfortable, Custom-Fit Dentures

The loss of a single tooth can affect many aspects of a patient’s smile, including its attractiveness, function, and long-term health. Full dentures and partial dentures both succeed in providing patients with cost-effective and convenient solutions. We custom-tailor all of our dentures to fit comfortably, look aesthetically natural, and improve oral function. Our personalized treatment means that your full or partial dentures are color-matched, custom-fit, and highly comfortable during everyday functions. Opting for partial or full dentures can help your smile return to better functioning and attractiveness after tooth loss!

Feel Confident and Comfortable in Your Smile

Full dentures and partial dentures let you improve your smile without the need for costly and extensive dental work. With modern solutions at our office, your smile can be improved with restorations that look and feel natural. Both full dentures and partial dentures can provide patients missing any number of teeth with the improvements they need to feel confident and comfortable in their smiles.

Restore Stability with Implant Supported Dentures

Some patients come to us interested in a more stable alternative to removable dentures. For those missing all their teeth, implant supported dentures can be a viable solution. With this option, two or more dental implants are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Once fused in place, dental implants are as strong as healthy tooth roots and help to anchor a denture or prosthesis in place. This adds both strength and stability to your bite, eliminating gum irritation, adhesives and pastes, and denture movement as you eat, speak, laugh, and smile.

I’m ready to improve my smile’s function and comfort!

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