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Additional Dental Services

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Comprehensive and Quality Care, All In-Office

Our dentist and periodontist combine their expertise to bring our patients comprehensive additional dental services. This not only improves your care by retaining a high-quality standard across treatments, but improves the convenience and safety of your experiences by receiving care from doctors who know you and your dental needs. With these comprehensive and quality additional dental services available, you can enjoy the benefits of seeing the same team with every visit. Most importantly, virtually all your additional dental services can be completed in-office, without you needing to be referred to an outside location.

Our Additional Dental Services

Our additional dental services cover a wide range of dental issues, all of which we are experienced in treating and correcting with modern techniques and advanced technology.

  • Teeth

    Custom nightguards help keep teeth from touching while you sleep.

  • Composite

    Tooth-colored fillings are more aesthetic and safer than traditional fillings.

  • Dental Bonding/

    Reshaping a tooth to improve the size, shape, and height of the tooth.

  • Zoom!
    Teeth Whitening

    Professional-grade whitening can brighten teeth up to four shades lighter.

  • Gum

    Taking gum tissue from the body and placing it over exposed tooth roots corrects areas of gum recession.

  • Osseous

    This surgical procedure removes diseased gum tissue and bacteria from the teeth.

  • PeriodontalMaintenance

    Deep cleanings every 3 to 4 months prevent gum disease from returning.

  • Scaling /
    Root Planing

    Non-surgical treatment for mild gum disease to clean above and below the gum line.

  • Preventative

    Dental hygiene appointments, oral cancer screenings, x-rays, and dental sealants.

  • Emergency

    Same-day emergency appointments and a 24/7 emergency call line.

Benefiting from Additional Dental Services

Additional dental services cover a comprehensive list of oral health concerns and situations. By offering these additional dental services, our dentist and periodontist can team up to help you achieve and maintain great oral health! Being in good oral health improves the appearance of your smile, how your teeth function, your confidence, and your overall health. Do you need a dentist that provides these comprehensive additional dental services? Contact our office today!

Our comprehensive care improves your smile!

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